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Book Review of Women. Period. by Victoria Olsen (Woodhull Alumna)

You may be surprised to hear that an anthology of personal essays about menstruation was recently published.  If so, you’ll be very surprised to hear that in fact two have come out in the past few months.  A recent book review in The New York Times attributes this interest to the flood of anthologies about every “slice” of women’s experiences that have appeared since the popularity of The Bitch in the House: 26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood, and Marriage. The Times reviewer wonders, how much is there to say about getting your period?  And what’s next, a “collection of ruminative essays about bowel movements”?


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traditional brideby Alexia Vernon (Woodhull Alumna)

I had the good fortune to facilitate the wedding of a dear friend (and one of my first coaching clients!) on their beautiful tropical island a few weeks ago. With my first anniversary just three months away, stepping back into marriage land resurrected some marital musings I never previously got around to sharing. continue

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by Nikki Stern (Woodhull Alumna)

I’ve always gone out of my way to see all sides of an argument, even if I might favor one side. After all, the best way to win over one’s enemies (or so I believe) is to try to understand why they think as they do and then persuade them to your way of thinking.

Then again, I might have a different idea of what it means to argue. I believe the purpose is to persuade, while others might think the purpose is to win. continue

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by Manisha Thakor and  Sharon Kedar (Woodhull Alumnae)

Louise used to think her credit card was her friend.  Having a credit card kept Louise from walking around with wads of cash in her pocket.  It also helped her out when she was short of money between pay periods.  Louise would charge necessary expenses to her credit card and then pay off her bill in full when she got her paycheck.  This worked just fine – until Louise caved into her children’s ever-growing holiday list, putting a pile of presents (that she knew she couldn’t afford) on her credit cards.  Louise figured she would just make the minimum required monthly payment until she could catch her breath.  What Louise didn’t realize was that this maneuver effectively DOUBLED the price she paid for those gifts.

When you make the switch from using credit cards for convenience (and paying off your balance in full each month) to using credit cards as a way to borrow money (which is what happens when you pay less than your full balance outstanding) – credit cards turn from friend to foe.  Why?  Because the credit card companies charge you a princely sum to borrow that money. continue

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In Response To “Finding and Treating Depression in Teenagers” published in the New York Times on March 30, 2009. The following letter to the editor was printed on April 12, 2009.

by Leeat Granek (Woodhull Alumna)

To the Editor:

The United States Preventive Services Task Force suggests routine depression screening for teenagers because the disorder has become so widespread. If it is indeed true that 6 percent of American teenagers, or close to two million adolescents, are clinically depressed, the solution is not more screening. The only thing this will accomplish is more diagnoses of even mild cases of the blues, more prescriptions for drugs, and more hours on the therapist’s couch.

We should be focusing our money, time and resources on finding out why so many teenagers are depressed. Instead of pulling kids out of the proverbial river one by one, let’s focus on what is pushing them downstream in the first place.

Leeat Granek
Toronto, March 30, 2009

The writer is a researcher at Princess Margaret Hospital and Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center in Toronto.

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I recently had the opportunity to work in LA, across the country and around the world with artists and activists on a new version of “HaTikvah” (Israel’s national anthem)

Called “Hope Remixed”, this “Hativkah” Beat-Boxing video is an expression of hope and optimism, with a new beat. In a time when the image of Israel is too often of war and conflict, “Hope Remixed” celebrates Israel’s diversity, beauty, history, and modernity.

An amazing woman produced this video – Maital Guttman.   She brought together collaborators, including my own fabulous producer (Glenn Grossman- my fiance and co-writer) created beats and vocal parts for me to do on the mix. And yes, you’ll see little snippets of yours truly in the video as well. (Full credits below) continue

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by Leighann Lord (Woodhull Alumna)

Are the rumors true? Are Chris Brown and Rihanna back together after he so brutally assaulted her? I hope not but they are both rich, famous adults who can do what they want. All the rest of us in the Greek Chorus get to do is nit pick over the sordid details.


The Chorus is genuinely angry that Rihanna would go back to Chris, but studies show domestic violence victims find it difficult to leave their abusers. Just look at how many of us stayed in America during the Bush years. Our civil liberties took quite a beating from The Patriot Act. Oh sure we compensated by going on more vacations and moving record amounts of moolah to the Caymans, but very few pulled up permanent stakes. Me? I kept an overnight bag packed and my passport current.

The one person who really needs to be asking why Rihanna is getting back together with Chris Brown, is Chris Brown. Is it love? Maybe. But love should have kept Mr. Double Your Pleasure’s hands on the wheel of his Lamborghini. So clearly, love is not enough. continue

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By: Janice Formichella and Andrea Hance (Woodhull Alumna)

michelle-obamaThe Obama’s trip to England last week was a significant highlight in the first hundred days of the new Presidency. What the trip truly served as, however, was a red carpet introducing Michelle Obama to the world. The headlines soon shifted from the G20 summit to Michelle Obama’s performance as First Lady and the fact that she overshadowed her husband during the trip. This became front-page news after Michelle made a memorable visit to a local girls school after a historic and even eyebrow-raising audience with the Queen. As images of the visit were flashed over news programs and evening papers, many started to sense the presence of the late Princess Diana in the behavior, grace, individuality, and public awe that Michelle commanded. By the end of the day some reporters had modified the comparison between Michelle and Jackie O to perhaps the more appropriate comparison of Michelle and Princess Diana. continue

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