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by Rachael Bregman (Woodhull Alumna)

Gary-window contractor doing work and living at ASYV. Mid 40’s just moved here from Canada, wife and 2 year old are coming along soon. The work here is good and there is ample room to make a living since there is so much growth. Muzungu Kagame does some shady stuff (Gary told me about the arrests and that he thought the people from the leveled, tin-roof shacks were getting screwed into a worse financial and living situation-much like similar measures in America during gentrifying efforts…people being duped to sell their homes to make room for super highways…ahhh, the lure and power of the almighty dollar…) Everything here has to be done on time for inauguration in three weeks or else my counter-part here is in real trouble. If Kagame does not like it, my guy might go to jail. continue

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-Nikki Stern (Woodhull Alumna)

jkTwo stories were prominently on display this past week: Jon and Kate; and the protests in Iran. They aren’t comparable, of course – except in their ubiquity.

To catch you up: Jon and Kate Gosselin had sextuplets, which, in addition to their two older children, gave them a family of eight to raise. They are currently doing a fifth season of a reality program, during which time they’ve apparently been adversely affected by fame and paparazzi, though they seem to enjoy the money. Monday night on their show, they announced they’d filed for divorce, which surprised no one who cared in the first place. Now you know as much as I do and no, I have not watched a single episode. I know what I know because other forms of media seem to think this is an important “celebrity” story. We can bicker about whether any celebrity story is important, but I can think of about fifty such stories that would be loads more entertaining and less painful to follow. I managed to have a little fun with this story because Open Salon, a blog to which I contribute, sponsored a contest to come up with what the announcement really ought to be. I wrote a  fake press release noting that Jon and Kate were giving their kids away to needy families. continue

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Previously published on Huffington Post.

Nazi, Al Qaida, Stalin, NAMBLA. These are only a few of the comparisons the likes of Bill O’Reilly have drawn when describing Dr. George Tiller. The women whom Dr. Tiller treated use other words to describe their physician. Compassionate, gentle, kind. And most of all, courageous.

The schlock jocks have a permanent bully pulpit from which to incite violence and hatred. But what about the women whose stories are never told? What about the women who confess only in secret their tragic tales of babies with genetic and developmental abnormalities, who turn to each other to heal because to say the words out loud is too dangerous? continue

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woodhull68groupshotOur Core Training program has been developed to educate young women who exhibit leadership potential in their careers, community, or family life. This core training program is designed to educate a small group of women in the practical skill sets that are necessary to succeed in today’s business, political, and community environments. Participants in this program will be presented with the concepts of ethical leadership; taught professional development skills; and be directed to networks, mentors, and resources that can channel their leadership aspirations into practical and attainable achievements. Get more information here.

Date: June26-28th, 2009
Where: Woodhull Retreat Center, Ancramdale, NY (transportation available from Grand Central Station, NYC)
Cost: $595 includes tuition, materials, room and board.*

*The Woodhull Institute’s goal is to make it possible for every woman to participate in one of our powerful training programs. To this end, we offer need-based financial aid and scholarships. Further, substantial discounts are available to alumnae and members.

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By, Kristina Hyltoft (Woodhull Summer 2009 Intern)

In this coming of age story, Orange, Mint, and Honey,

written by Carleen Brice covers the bitter sweetness of the coming of age of an African-American woman named Shay.  What started as a trip home inspired by the words of Blues Singer Nina Simone quickly turned into an experience that would change her life forever and would raise a voice from the ashes of an unborn life.

Throughout the book, Shay is confronted with the voices from her past.  Her alcoholic mother re-entered her life along with several other characters that teach Shay lessons about herself as she transitions into her own voice and sense of womanhood.  Throughout the novel, she is confronted with several women and their stories as she begins to make sense of the truth of her life and begin her journey. continue

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By Victoria Olsen (Woodhull Alumna)

Although I’m a product of the 60s, my love affair with feminism has been pretty cerebral. I read the theory, took the classes, wrote the papers, and sat around talking til I found myself with growing daughters of my own. It was then that I suddenly felt the physical reality of women’s vulnerabilities. This spring I started looking around for self-defense classes for all three of us. Luckily, a terrific neighborhood organization in Brooklyn called the Center for Anti-Violence Education offers women’s martial arts, teen conflict-resolution, and children’s empowerment classes. I signed us up for a Mother-Daughter Self-Defense workshop and cajoled my girls into coming along. The younger (11) seemed to think it would teach her to be a ninja warrior, so she was game. The elder (14) was more reluctant, though she is the one who rides the subway to and from school by herself. “We’ve done this in school already!” she complained. “Then you’ll be ahead of the rest of us,” I answered. continue

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