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by Donna Bogatin, Woodhull Alumna and founder of SuiteWomen.com

This millennium’s “buried, unspoken” problem stifling full, unfettered expression of womanhood has a name:  Pronatalism, or societal presumption of motherhood.

Today’s American woman benefits from legacy physical entitlements valiantly won by pioneering women over the course of the last century: The right to vote, the right to contraception and abortion, the right to education and athletics and the right to work without fear of sexual harassment. Will the new millennium woman mark her own unique liberation and proclaim women once and for all emotionally freed from the heretofore inexorably gender pre-determined roles of procreator and care giver?

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Originally published in Financial Profundities on September 28th

By now, you probably know that President Obama has

selected Elizabeth Warren to oversee the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Like the major financial agencies that came before it (e.g., FDIC, Glass-Steagall (repealed in 1999) and the SEC), the CFPB is being created to correct policy ills that contributed to an economic crisis. With the CFPB, Ms. Warren has an opportunity to do what wasn’t done after the formation of these other agencies.

Personally, I think she is perfect for the role and the new agency’s mission, and I hope she eventually gets nominated and confirmed to actually lead CFPB. She has the perfect combination of knowledge, political savvy, and passion, ingredients she’ll definitely need as she takes on the unenviable and monumental task of fixing things that are broken while building things we aren’t even yet aware of needing. What Prof. Warren is preparing to do on a policy level is exactly what you and I need to do on a personal level: reflect, react and re-envision.


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by Leighann Lord, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to Leighann Lord’s Comic Perspective on September 9th
I’m not a buxom babe and I’m at peace with that. I wasn’t always. Puberty was a trial. Despite reading Judy Blume’s “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret” and faithfully executing its famous exercises – repeat after me if you remember: “I must, I must, I must increase my bust!” — my little cupcakes seemed genetically preordained to be modest. They’re a respectable 34B instead of the sought after 36C or dare I dream, D.

I once went to Victoria Secret to get measured, to make sure I was wearing “the right bra.” I was secretly hoping they’d find something I’d missed. The good news? Yes, I was wearing the wrong size bra. The bad news? It was too big for me. According to the evil Victoria Secret measuring tape, I’m a double A. Stand back everybody. I’m packing batteries. I’m an academic. Going from a “B” to an “A” is supposed to be a good thing. What can I say but, “Fie on you, Victoria, and a pox on your secret!”

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by Tara Bracco, Woodhull Faculty

Originally posted to TCG Circle on September 9

As September begins, college students across the country are returning to their classes. But for those who recently graduated with degrees in theatre, many are wondering, “How do I begin my career?” To help answer this daunting question, TCG talks with theatre director Sarah Cameron Sunde to learn how she got her start.

Ten years ago, Sunde moved to New York City with limited savings and no professional contacts. She was determined to become a director, and she vowed to never take a full-time job because she felt it would keep her from creating art. Today, Sunde works part-time as the associate director of the Obie-winning, downtown theatre company New Georges, and spends the rest of the week working on her own projects. She has developed and directed new plays that have premiered at New Georges,  Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, 3LD Art & Technology Center, Guthrie Theater and 59E59 Theaters, among others.

Continue for video interview!


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Originally posted to ReelGirl on September 21, 210

Mia Herndon, Executive Director of Third Wave,

an organization run by and for young women and transgender youth age 35 and under, believes that shutting down Craigslist’s ‘adult services’ section is a simplistic and ultimately ineffective response to the complex issues around sex work and young people.

Herndon says, “Craigslist is one of the few sites that worked with law enforcement. It’s not the right target.”


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by Donna Decker, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to Ms. Magazine Blog on September 20th.

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah–what are you thinking, girl?

Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom is your book club selection, the first book of your last season?


Mr. “high-art literary tradition”? Remember him–he who refused to go slumming with Oprah’s readership nine years ago? Too lowbrow, too “schmaltzy.”

The man who told National Public Radio in 2001:

“I had some hope of actually reaching a male audience and I’ve heard more than one reader in signing lines now at bookstores say, ‘If I hadn’t heard you, I would have been put off by the fact that it is an Oprah pick. I figure those books are for women. I would never touch it.’ Those are male readers speaking. I see this as my book, my creation.”

The man who told USA Today he feels bad to have been in the position to “give offense to someone who’s a hero–not a hero of mine per se, but a hero in general.”

Face it, Oprah: he’s just not that into you. He’s just not that into women readers.


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by Margot Magowan, Woodhull co-founder

Originally posted to her blog ReelGirl on September 20th.

Center for Young Women's Development burns $100,000 check from Craigslist

After coming under fire from women’s organizations such as The Rebecca Project, which successfully pressured law enforcement, Attorney Generals from states across the country finally shut down Craigslist’s adult section. A victory for women and the power of women’s organizations: prostitution and sex trafficking was being advertised on the popular site out in the open as if it were no big deal and perfectly legal. Now its all been shut down! Hurray!

But is Craigslist’s “erotic services” section closing a real victory for women and victims of sex crimes?

No doubt it’s shocking that sex and sex with children was being sold blatantly on the internet– and shocking that no one seemed shocked– letting it all just go on for years like no one cared and it didn’t matter at all except to a few fanatic feminist organizations. Not only was Craigslist perpetuating child abuse and illegal activities, but the company was making 36 million dollars from its adult section.

But is shutting down Craigslist’s adult section really just shooting the messenger?


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The Woodhull Institute is proud to suport NOW-NYC for their upcoming event:

Supersexxxed: Porn and Pop Culture

Wednesday, September 29 at 6:30 PM

The National Organization for Women in NYC hosts internationally acclaimed activist, scholar and social critic Gail Dines, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality. Whether it’s film, television, music videos or magazine ads – you name it – our visual landscape has been “pornified.” Gail’s perspective on the industrialization of porn, now a $96 billion dollar industry, is not to be missed. Join us for what promises to be an eye-opening conversation on how porn is changing our culture, relationships and sexuality. Please note: this presentation will contain graphic images.

Suggested donation: $5 for NOW-NYC members & students | $15 for non-members
Reserve your seat with an advance online donation at www.nownyc.org or RSVP to 212.627.9895 | contact@nownyc.org
Event Location: 434 West 33rd Street, Penthouse Conference Center & Terrace
Subway: A, C, E to 34th Street

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by Marleen Levi, Woodhull Alumna

At some point in your (or someone you know) professional career, you maywell lose your job due to circumstances beyond your control. Being a victim of corporate downsizing is a periodic, common (mainstream) reality shared ‘en masse’. Your life suddenly, swiftly and radically changes overnight – on all levels. Understanding the dynamics of a job loss/job quest can significantly minimize the trauma and enable the job seeker to successfully move forward!

How do you effectively deal with this dramatic and emotionally-charged (albeit temporary) lifestyle change? This 12-point self-help guideline can better equip you with ‘action tools’ and positive mindset to empower change and desired goals. You can survive a job layoff with your self-confidence; self-esteem and ego still in tact; move forward (even ‘reinvent’ yourself) to an even more exciting, rewarding and satisfying career closer to goals, desire, passion and interest.

Read on for the 12 points!


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Courtney Martin, Woodhull Alumna, releases her new book “Do It Anyway”

From www.doitanywaybook.org :

That age-old quest for meaning—Who am I? What is my calling? How can I make the world better?—gets a 21st-century makeover. Courtney E. Martin abandons the empty “save the world” rhetoric and ’60s nostalgia that her generation was raised on and doggedly pursues the gritty truth about social change in contemporary America. It’s complicated. It’s challenging. And, yet, it’s still possible.


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