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by Kristina Leonardi, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to Kristina’s blog on October 26th

With the advent of Halloween we are bombarded with spooky images and haunted houses to remind us it’s that time of year to face our deepest fears. But the majority of things that frighten us aren’t outside ourselves. Like the creepiness that comes from being in a House of Mirrors, what usually freaks people out most is seeing themselves multiplied a hundred times!

When in your own personal house of horrors, no matter how many cobwebs and shadows you find, know that we all have darker aspects of our personality and we’re never confronted with anything we can’t handle so we should never be afraid. Whether your fears and ugly parts are real or imagined, the key is not to run away from them. The only thing to do is to shed light on the source of our anxieties and perceived inadequacies, get to their roots and make adjustments that will bring us closer to the most fulfilled and peaceful versions of ourselves we can be.


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Tara Bracco, Woodhull Fellow,  co-founded a new non-profit called The Project Solution. The organization recently released this promo video about the organization and the work they are doing. In this video, Tara is joined by co-founder Joe Gonzalez, LOST actor Michael Emerson, and Broadway actor Terrence Mann. Check it out and learn how you can make a difference! More information at www.theprojectsolution.org.

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Originally posted to NY PIX Morning News Blog on October 26th

Woodhull Alumna and Faculty, Alexia Vernon, appeared on PIX11 Morning News earlier today to speak about her new book “Awaken your CAREERpreneur”

Watch below!


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by Elory Rozner, Woodhull Alumna

Originally published in The Huffington Post on October 12.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the education industry. Between Education Nation, the releases of Waiting for ‘Superman’ and Race to Nowhere, major grant announcements from Mark Zuckerberg and the U.S. Department of Education, countless hours of debate on major network shows, piles of op-ed pieces… we’re getting a lot of airtime.

Everyone I’ve talked to has a different opinion on whether or not the attention will result in action. What that action will be. How that action will impact students and, ultimately, the nation. For now, I’m in the cynical camp, thinking this reform splash will follow similar patterns of previous waves.

Here’s how it usually goes. Someone shines a spotlight on a particular issue: schools are failing in this or that way because of this or that reason. National outrage follows. Lots of people (who may or may not have relevant experience) design initiatives that address the problem. We spend millions of dollars implementing new programs. Later, evaluation data reveals what we’re doing isn’t working, and/or our schools are failing in a new way. National outrage follows. Repeat.


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By Emily Johnson, Woodhull Alumna

“The next time the woman you’re with answers “Was it good for you?” with “Sorta”… remember that sometimes we don’t know, ourselves.”

Read Full Article Here!

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Dear Woodhull Community,

Now is the perfect time to Donate! Have your $10 donation doubled by JustGive.org for a period of 10 days beginning October 10th to celebrate JustGive.org’s 10 Year Anniversary!

The Woodhull Board has always been committed to not turning away qualified applicants for our programming due to their inability to pay.  But we need your help to continue to provide the training and support that women need to be able to succeed.  We need your help to continue to bring the opinions and voices of women into the public forum.  We need your help to help us improve our interactive community portals.  We need your help to expand our mentorship program.  We need your help to continue to train generations of ethical women leaders regardless of their ability to pay!

Starting Sunday October 10th through October 20th, Please visit


and search for “The Woodhull Institute” and click on the Donate Button next to the first result.

A single donation from each donor will qualify for the additional $10 from JustGive. Donations as small as $10 are accepted. Monthly recurring donations will be matched for the first month only.

Please share this link with friends and family,
post to facebook, twitter, and as many places as you’d like!
Let’s take this wonderful opportunity to support Woodhull and help provide scholarships for more women leaders!
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When the Feminist Movement Needed a New Direction Meredith Villano stepped up and took the Reigns.

An Interview with Meredith, Co-Founder Paradigm Shift, NYC

1. What prompted you to start Paradigm Shift?
Three and half years ago I felt the feminist community was fractured, and there wasn’t a diverse array of entry points to a feminist consciousness or community. Paradigm Shift was created so feminists and the feminist curious could have a consistent and regular platform and outlet for self-expression, education, and coalition building.

2. Who were you and who have you become since Paradigm Shift?
Before Paradigm Shift I had a singular focus on my career in media and business development, and I was really missing the close feminist community I had in college, and was eager to establish new friendships and professional relationships in a setting that would contribute to the work of all types of progressives. Now, I’m so grateful and privileged to work with prominent feminists who I’ve admired for years, and others who constantly inspire me, including our volunteer staff and interns. I’m proud of the impact we’ve made, and I’m constantly learning by participating in an evolving dialogue.


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Our Intrepid Journeywoman Treks Into the Wild to Find–and Redeem–Guys’ Vanishing Sense of Self

by Emily Johnson, Woodhull Alumna

“Are men the new women? If that means claiming their power and balancing their need for relationships with other goals, would that be so bad?”

Read Full Article Here!

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(This post first appeared on my blog ReelGirl)

Joan Baez at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2010

Joan Baez at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2010

Just back from Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the free three day music festival in Golden Gate Park. Patti Smith is one of the all time best performers I’ve ever seen. She is a total rockstar, swaggering on stage like Mick Jagger or Jim Morrison, so in control of everything, with her callbacks and clapping, she played the audience like an instrument. When she covers songs you think you know well, they sound like nothing you’ve heard before; she slows it all down, savoring every word. Her “Play With Fire” was intense and beautiful with two stanzas of her own lyrics inserted in the middle. If anyone recorded it (I saw you all!) please post. Smith told everyone how lucky we were to live here and then she recited the prayer of St. Francis, reminding the audience to “Be happy, work hard, love one another.” Listening to her under all that swaying Eucalyptus, the fog wisping in around us, was a great San Francisco moment.


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by Tara Sophia Mohr, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to The Huffington Post on October 4th.

I recently had coffee with two women friends. They are smart, capable women. They have quality degrees and impressive work experience. For the last several years, they’ve been focused on taking care of their families. Their spouses make enough income that they can afford to do that.

For the first time in my life, I looked at these women and thought, I have a problem with this. I felt upset and frustrated that women so full of love, so intelligent and ethical and affluent–in other words, women with so much power to do good–were having an impact primarily on their families, and not on a larger sphere. Not in 1950, but in 2010. While Wall Street is robbing us and our government is growing more and more controlled by corporate interests. While health care and schools are falling apart. While so much of the world is burning in violence, sickness and poverty.


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