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Cosmic Observation

Posted by Karla Jackson Brewer at 5th January, 2011

Today we are experiencing a powerful Solar Eclipse. Well all eclipses are powerful, however this one is happening in the constellation of Capricorn. The energy of an eclipse can create intensity in our lives, and an opportunity to do some accelerated transformation.

What does this mean for you? Well Capricorn is the Mountain Goat, the Goat that climbs up steep slopes, steadily moving to reach its goal. To climb in such a way, even for an animal, takes a certain kind of planning. I imagine for the goats that planning ability is hardwired into their instincts, and nervous systems. They seem to automatically know where to place their hooves so that they can continue on their climb. For humans, planning is an action, or a series of actions that may lead to a goal.

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We often experience a desire, which provides motivation toward the achievement of a goal. In our early life other people often set those goals, and we simply sign on to them, making them our own (or not). Unlike the goat, we use our minds to plan. Planning begins with a thought, an intention. Sometimes this arises out of a desire or feeling – I want to be happier… or out of a question – is there another way to get from here to there? Then we take an action or a series of

actions. Some of this movement of “thought to plan to action” can seem to happen automatically and swiftly. Sometimes it takes a very conscious effort, similar to the effort it takes the goat to move up the mountain. We, as well as the goat, rely on our drive, our determination to push through obstacles, the ability to stay focused, or get refocused, and the final action of reaching the goal.

In Astrology Capricorn is ruled or influenced by the energy of Saturn. Saturn is a planet whose energy is associated with Karma (action), duty, responsibility, structure, containment and form. Some may see Saturn as the kick-ass, punitive energy in the cosmos, and at times it is. However we can all benefit from a reframing of that perspective in order put Saturn’s gifts to use in our lives.

In this 3-dimensional world, everything has structure and form. All objects, comprised of atoms, have structure. If we re sane, our thought processes have structure. We make agreements with other people in our community, and we experience the consequences of our choices. Saturn’s energy supports boundaries in our lives, such that our experience is not just a chaotic stream of consciousness. As humans we need structure even as we rebel against that structure, causing it to change as we change.

When it comes to manifesting a goal, sometimes we need to apply different kinds of actions that many not on the surface seem as if they are propelling us toward our goal. However we are always taking action, consciously or otherwise. We are often manifesting things – new ideas, objects, organizations, and relationships. When we do this, we are relying on the organized and structured energy of Saturn.

Today is a day of conscious thinking and planning. Yes, every day should encompass that, however, today is a special moment to examine the structures in our lives, change what needs to be altered, select a goal, create a plan that you are committed to manifesting in any part of your life, and follow the example of that Mountain Goat. Take one action after another, one step after another. Allow your desire and determination to propel you through any obstacles on your path.

Don’t take my word for it, try it and let me know what happens.


About Karla Jackson Brewer

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Karla Jackson-Brewer is Co-President of the Board of The Woodhull Institute. She is an African American feminist therapist whose private practice serves women of color, sexual assault survivors, and addresses issues of cultural and ethnic identity, spirituality and empowerment. Karla is an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University in the Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies Departments.

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