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Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, artist, founder of The Webby Awards, co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and friend of Woodhull, gives commencement address to UC Berkley’s graduating class of 2010.

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Originally posted to www.fitwoman.com on June 1st, 2010

We recently discovered ReelGirl, a blog by writer and commentator Margot Magowan. She also co-founded the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, which provides professional training for young women. We decided to pick her brain about raising three daughters, her favorite blogs, and why dieting bored her to tears.


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Written by Woodhull Alumna, Leighann Lord, originally posted to her blog, Leighann Lord’s Comic Perspective, on May 4th, 2010.

“You’re going where?” my parents said. They had confused and weary expressions on their faces when I told them I was going on a short (three-day) tour with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for the troops doing humanitarian work in Haiti. Several questions brewed on their brows:
Didn’t you just get home from Iraq?
Can’t you just tell jokes in seedy night clubs like a normal comedian?
Do we still have the authority to ground you?
Yes, no and no.

Before I could baby-wipe all the dust off my combat boot style Converses, friend and fellow comedian Carole Montgomery called and asked if I wanted to entertain the troops in Haiti. Not one to let the pages in my passport go to waste, I said, “Yes.”

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originally posted to TheTakeAway.org on May 3rd, 2010

I don’t think the pill was liberating; I think the pill was typical male birth control: good for men, not for women.“— Erica Jong

Woodhull’s very own board memeber, Erica Jong, and daughter Molly Jong-Fast talk about their personal histories and how the Pill shaped their perception of feminine power. Listen to podcast here!

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Written by Woodhull Co-Founder and Woodhull Faculty, Margot Magowan.  As published in the SF Gate on April 8, 2010.

Even though I wasn’t a supporter of Sarah Palin, she was recently hired at Fox News, and I feel I need to warn her. After all, she’s a brunette who often wears glasses– a breed targeted for extinction in Foxworld.

There’s something creepy going on at Fox News, and it’s not just the skewed way they choose to report the news. When a woman gets a job on the “fair and balanced” news network, she gets “Foxified.” No matter how she looks or how old she is when she signs her contract, these female contributors transform, appearing on our screens strangely clone-like, blonde and so heavily made up they all look around 40.


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Written by Woodhull Alum, Alexandria Stevens, as published in her book, Power Tools: Ideas You Can Use to Disassemble Fear.

If you really believe that you are on the right path, then nothing must deter you from its pursuit. However, if someone else has told you that this is what you SHOULD be doing, it’s time to re-assess. If your guilty mind is telling you that you SHOULD be doing it, it’s time to re-calculate.   And last, but not least, if your gut (your intuition) is aching because what you’re doing just doesn’t feel right somehow – but you feel you SHOULD not quit, then its time to re-evaluate.


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Written by Woodhull Co-Founder and Woodhull Faculty, Margot Magowan, as posted i on April 5, 2010 in http://margotmagowan.wordpress.com/

“How to Train Your Dragon” is a great movie; I was riveted from start to finish. The story is compelling and the animation is wonderful. A misfit boy, Hiccup, refuses to kill the dragons who relentlessly attack his Viking village, even as everyone around him, who he loves and respects, viciously slaughters them. Hiccup, instead, befriends and trains the creatures, ultimately bringing peace to his people.

But why couldn’t Hiccup have been a girl? Why couldn’t the dragon in the title have been female?


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by Jen Burke Anderson (Woodhull Alumna)

Originially posted to shareable.net on  March 17, 2010

An intimate moment in the San Francisco restaurant Pantarei. All photos by Jen Burke Anderson.

Ah, North Beach—San Francisco birthplace of the Beats. Historical hotspot of American intellectual counterculture. Home of jaunty staircase alleyways, Barbary Coast burlesques, walk-up crash pads, radical bookstores, postwar-era Italian cafes crammed with wool-capped characters and unwashed poets, and…

Television. Everywhere. Widescreens, flat-screens, retina-scorching digital screens large enough to hold up the walls in some places. Screens showing you food you’re about to eat (or, strangely enough, have just eaten). Walk into that neighborhood bistro, that old-school bar, and four, five, six flat-screens could give you a blinding welcome.

So, what’s with all the television in the restaurants here, and in more and more restaurants across the country? After a day spent staring at glowing rectangles – at our workstations, our laptops, at our iPhones – do we really need more adrenaline-pumping, jump-cutting media excitement as we savor a meal, take in a novel atmosphere, and try to reconnect with friends?


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by Molly Castelloe Fong, Ph.D (Woodhull Alumna)

Originally posted to Psychology Today on March 15th, 2010

Do you feel self-conscious eating in public? Do you deliberate endlessly about what to order at a restaurant?

Does a sloppy plate of spaghetti send you into spasms of self-consciousness?

For many women eating is an excruciating public performance.

March is Women’s History Month and I’m ruminating on that most loaded of symbolic acts, eating, and the various roles food plays in our lives.

Women, in particular, are bombarded with advertisements, products and programs that encourage us to shed lbs. The Biggest Loser, the reality weight-loss show, is a worldwide hit currently in its 9th season, airing in over 90 countries.


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Written by Woodhull Alum, Charlotte Fishman.  As posted in Today’s Workplace on March 16, 2010.

Is it legal to fire a front desk clerk for not being “pretty enough”? Not in Iowa. Last Monday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a trial judge’s decision and ordered Lewis v. Heartland Inns of America to trial.

Brenna Lewis was a front desk clerk at Heartland Inns in Ankeny, Iowa. She was promoted to the day shift, sight unseen, after enthusiastic recommendation from previous managers. Once on the job, Lewis’ loose-fitting clothing and unisex appearance caused Director of Operations Barbara Cullinan to express reservations about whether she was a “good fit.”

Lewis wore short hair, no makeup and sported an “Ellen DeGeneres look.” She was “tomboyish,” friendly, and well-liked by customers. Cullinan preferred a pretty “Midwestern girl look” on the day shift. She fired the manager who refused to reassign Lewis and demanded that Lewis undergo a videotaped “second” interview to keep her job. A distraught Lewis objected to the second interview, questioning whether it was lawful to require one just because of her appearance. Three days later she was fired.


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