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Written by Margot Magowan, Woodhull Co-founder, Woodhull Board President and Woodhull Faculty.  As published in the SF Gate on March 1, 2010.

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and he’s being honored worldwide as one of the best kid lit author-illustrators of all time.

Dr. Seuss is super talented and creative. He dreamed up an incredible array of funny, poignant characters who say wise and hilarious things. His rhyming style revolutionized kid lit– Seuss’s made up words and poetry make perfect sense even though they don’t.

But there’s a big problem in Seuss’s stories. The girls are missing. They’re so invisible that going into Seussworld becomes creepy, like being transported to a dystopia where females don’t matter at all. continue

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Written by Woodhull Alum, Beverly Wettenstein, as posted in www.HuffingtonPost.com on March 1, 2010.

New York Post Food Feature headline on February 7 read: “‘Taste Duds’ Top city chefs divulge the foods that make their stomach churn.”

In response, here is my Letter to New York Post:

All seven “top city chefs” featured were male.
Food for thought: Please consider including top female chefs for future stories.
Thank you.
The headline should read “Taste Studs.”

Beverly Wettenstein continue

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Written by Alexandria Stevens, Woodhull Alumna in her book Power Tools: Ideas You Can Use to Disassemble Fear

In every word you say and every deed you consummate, you have the choice to uplift or destroy.

In the end, each second of your life will have imprinted its value upon the world! So…have you elevated just one life, even if it was in the smallest way?  Is it possible you may have touched a life, added beauty or given a moment’s relief without knowing it?  Has one life breathed easier because you were there and did something kind?  Have you achieved more peace and happiness in your own mind? Then you are a success and your life has as much meaning as that of the greatest philosophers and saints.  Thank you for that moment of goodness and triumph over negativity. That moment couldn’t have happened without your presence in this world. continue

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By Woodhull Alum, Tara Sophia Mohr

Recently, I’ve been canceling a lot of things from my calendar. Just canceling. It feels quite rebellious.

My life, like yours, is fully of projects, work, family, errands, all kinds of lovely people, closet organizing aspirations….I could go on and on.  I filled up the calendar with all that good stuff and found myself feeling bummed out by it, anxious and resentful. I wanted white space – not a zoo of text- on the calendar page. continue

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As posted in www.PsychologyToday.com as part of her blog, Power in Relationships : How You Get It; How you Keep it; How You Give It Away, on February 13, 2010 by Robin Stern, PhD, Woodhull Board Member, Woodhull Faculty and Woodhull Fellow.

I really enjoy riding the train, especially for long distances – I love to watch the landscape – and, usually find it so relaxing! But, last week it was anything but. I was sitting behind a young couple engaged in what I would call an exquisite Gaslight Tango. It had actually been a while since I had heard a couple go at it in public. continue

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by Nancy Matsumoto (Woodhull Member)

Originally posted to Eating Disorder Blogs

I just finished reading Peach Friedman’s Diary of an Exercise Addict, which is newly out in paperback from Globe Pequot Press. The book chronicles Friedman’s descent into exercise bulimia after a breakup with her boyfriend and her parents’ separation, and takes the reader with her through her treatment and eventual recovery.

As her disorder deepens, Friedman describes her “boundless energy” and imagines that every woman must envy her and every man find her attractive. She doesn’t realize that her appearance is beginning to frighten and disgust friends and acquaintances and that the combination of her excessive running and her low weight is damaging her joints beyond full recovery. When her grip on reality is at its most tenuous, however, Friedman describes an internal confusion over whether her gaunt appearance is “offensive” or “sexy.” She writes, “The two are confused in my mind, not knowing which is my intention, which I want.” The disorder is both a barrier against overwhelming emotions and human contact and a covert bid for attention.


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Photographs by Joanna Lipper, Woodhull Fellow
as posted in http://socialdocumentary.net/

Seaweed farming is an occupation dominated by women who live in rural villages and it is one of the few jobs accessible to women that pays them in cash.

Joanna Lipper traveled to Zanzibar in the summer of 2009 to photograph women of diverse religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in both urban and rural settings. She visited Jambiani, a rural village on the east coast of Unguja where women work as seaweed farmers.  Zanzibar lacks the large-scale infrastructure and hardware needed to process seaweed and extract valuable algae. Therefore the raw materials are shipped abroad. Without microfinance loans, improved education, and community organization amongst laborers, seaweed farming as a cash-generating, economically empowering occupation for rural village women, runs the risk of becoming obsolete in Zanzibar.

Click here to view the exhibit.

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By Zanade Mann, (Woodhull Alumna)

1) Create an Action Plan
Write down how many networking events you want to attend each month and cross out each one you do. Keeping a detailed list will help you stay focused. Aim for two events a month.

2) Start a Virtual Group
Event planning through social networking like Facebook or Meetup.com is a great, easy way to get a group together. So start a group that lists events going on in your area, or locate a one related to an event and network online before the actual meeting. continue

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By Leeat Graneck, (Woodhull Alumna)

-       One act of kindness – random or not – tiny or big — for someone you know or a stranger. For example, spend an extra minute in the hallway to ask someone how they are doing AND wait for their response; let someone cut in front of you on the road; tell someone they are wonderful; express every inclination you have towards affection and nurture. Yes. Every. Single. One. continue

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by Rachael Bregman (Woodhull Alumna)

Gary-window contractor doing work and living at ASYV. Mid 40’s just moved here from Canada, wife and 2 year old are coming along soon. The work here is good and there is ample room to make a living since there is so much growth. Muzungu Kagame does some shady stuff (Gary told me about the arrests and that he thought the people from the leveled, tin-roof shacks were getting screwed into a worse financial and living situation-much like similar measures in America during gentrifying efforts…people being duped to sell their homes to make room for super highways…ahhh, the lure and power of the almighty dollar…) Everything here has to be done on time for inauguration in three weeks or else my counter-part here is in real trouble. If Kagame does not like it, my guy might go to jail. continue

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