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by Tara Sophia Mohr, Woodhull Alumna

Why are more than 100 bloggers all writing about the same topic this week? Because the topic is that important.

I’m a Woodhull woman organizing a blogging campaign to support The Girl Effect.

“The Girl Effect” is a powerful idea: by investing in girls in the developing world, we make an incredibly effective investment in eradicating poverty, creating thriving communities, and slowing the spread of AIDS.

To date, 120 bloggers have joined the campaign. If you blog, I hope you will too. It’s a way to spread a life-saving, world-transforming idea. It’s a way to meet other, like-minded bloggers, and to expose new audiences to your work. Details are here!

I look forward to reading your post!

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Check out career expert Alexia Vernon, Woodhull Alumna and Faculty, as she speaks about Salary Negotiation on New Day Northwest/NBC KING 5:

And click continue to watch Alexia discuss seasonal jobs on Las Vegas’ Wake Up With the Wagners.


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One night this past summer, my friend Elisa saw something that shocked her. She told me she was at a bar when two women got into an argument and began yelling at each other as if they were children. The way the conflict ended? One woman threw her drink at the other woman.

“Can you believe that?” Elisa exclaimed. “I don’t think those women would have acted like that if it weren’t for reality TV. People are seeing this stuff on TV and thinking that’s an appropriate way to act!”

Over the last few years, I’ve had several conversations with friends about how damaging reality TV can be, but I lacked the information to make a strong case against it. That’s why I’m so excited about Jennifer L. Pozner’s new book Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV. Pozner spent hours upon hours watching and transcribing shows like The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Model, Flavor of Love, and Wife Swap to identify the media messages found in these popular, widely-watched programs.


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Woodhull Board Member Erica Jong wonders about motherhood as a prison for modern women in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal:

“Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you know that we have endured an orgy of motherphilia for at least the last two decades. Movie stars proudly display their baby bumps, and the shiny magazines at the checkout counter never tire of describing the joys of celebrity parenthood. Bearing and rearing children has come to be seen as life’s greatest good. Never mind that there are now enough abandoned children on the planet to make breeding unnecessary. Professional narcissists like Angelina Jolie and Madonna want their own little replicas in addition to the African and Asian children that they collect to advertise their open-mindedness. Nannies are seldom photographed in these carefully arranged family scenes. We are to assume that all this baby-minding is painless, easy and cheap.”

Read Full Article Here

(Article is available online without a subscription to the WSJ until November 13th, 2010)

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Check out this months issue of BUST: the magazine for women with something to get off their chests. With an attitude that is fierce, funny, and proud to be female, BUST provides an uncensored view on the female experience. 

The issue features the following article on public speaking by Woodhull’s Tara Bracco!

Speak Easy: Say it Loud, Say it Proud, With These Speech-Giving Tips by Tara Bracco October/November 2010 BUST Magazine. Read Full Article Here

“If you were asked to give a speech to a roomful of people, could you do it? For lots of women, public speaking is scary stuff. But if you back away from the challenge, you may be missing out on things like impressing your boss with a killer presentation or giving a moving toast at your BFF’s wedding. Anyone can be a good public speaker, even if the thought makes your palms sweat and your heart pound. I know because over the past six years, I’ve traveled across the country with the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership– a non-profit dedicated to professional development for women– teaching hundreds of mic-shy gals how to deliver a speech. The hardest part is saying yes when given the opportunity. ” Continue Reading Full Article Here

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Originally posted to my blog ReelGirl on Oct 31

'Healthy model'? from www.marieclaire.com Two women’s magazine’s recently issued profuse apologies for offending their readers, totally missing the point with their mea culpas.

Maura Kelly, a blogger for Marie Claire, wrote about the TV show “Mike and Molly,” which features a couple who met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Kelly didn’t like having to look at fat people; she doesn’t think they should be on television. She wrote:

I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room – just like I’d find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.


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Originally posted to NY PIX Morning News Blog on October 26th

Woodhull Alumna and Faculty, Alexia Vernon, appeared on PIX11 Morning News earlier today to speak about her new book “Awaken your CAREERpreneur”

Watch below!


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by Elory Rozner, Woodhull Alumna

Originally published in The Huffington Post on October 12.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the education industry. Between Education Nation, the releases of Waiting for ‘Superman’ and Race to Nowhere, major grant announcements from Mark Zuckerberg and the U.S. Department of Education, countless hours of debate on major network shows, piles of op-ed pieces… we’re getting a lot of airtime.

Everyone I’ve talked to has a different opinion on whether or not the attention will result in action. What that action will be. How that action will impact students and, ultimately, the nation. For now, I’m in the cynical camp, thinking this reform splash will follow similar patterns of previous waves.

Here’s how it usually goes. Someone shines a spotlight on a particular issue: schools are failing in this or that way because of this or that reason. National outrage follows. Lots of people (who may or may not have relevant experience) design initiatives that address the problem. We spend millions of dollars implementing new programs. Later, evaluation data reveals what we’re doing isn’t working, and/or our schools are failing in a new way. National outrage follows. Repeat.


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Originally posted to ReelGirl on September 21, 210

Mia Herndon, Executive Director of Third Wave,

an organization run by and for young women and transgender youth age 35 and under, believes that shutting down Craigslist’s ‘adult services’ section is a simplistic and ultimately ineffective response to the complex issues around sex work and young people.

Herndon says, “Craigslist is one of the few sites that worked with law enforcement. It’s not the right target.”


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by Donna Decker, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to Ms. Magazine Blog on September 20th.

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah–what are you thinking, girl?

Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom is your book club selection, the first book of your last season?


Mr. “high-art literary tradition”? Remember him–he who refused to go slumming with Oprah’s readership nine years ago? Too lowbrow, too “schmaltzy.”

The man who told National Public Radio in 2001:

“I had some hope of actually reaching a male audience and I’ve heard more than one reader in signing lines now at bookstores say, ‘If I hadn’t heard you, I would have been put off by the fact that it is an Oprah pick. I figure those books are for women. I would never touch it.’ Those are male readers speaking. I see this as my book, my creation.”

The man who told USA Today he feels bad to have been in the position to “give offense to someone who’s a hero–not a hero of mine per se, but a hero in general.”

Face it, Oprah: he’s just not that into you. He’s just not that into women readers.


Category : Community Member Projects and Updates | Culture | Media | Blog
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