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Originally posted to SFGate.com on February  7th.

This is a new, daily feature at ReelGirl. It’s basically what I would put on the front page if I were the news editor of the world. (My husband came up with the title.)

From the New York Times: Disney is marketing to your womb. I’m not even going to give some snarky commentary here. This article speaks for itself. Read it and freak out.

From The New Republic on the literary glass ceiling: Why are most of the book reviews written about works by men? Depressing statistics here, both on women writers and literary gatekeepers such as editors of lit mags; when discrimination starts this early, women can’t ever catch up. Gatekeepers reply, they’re just looking for the best and most important works, gender doesn’t matter to them at all. Hopefully, this bummer of an article will inspire women to write and find a way to get their stories out there.


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Originally posted to BarbaraVictor.com on February 8th.

After doing numerous radio interviews in the past several days on the situation in Egypt, and getting such diverse reaction from listeners, and from my last Blog, Freedom Is Just Another Word for Nothing Left To Lose, I realized it was important to explain several inalienable facts that had somehow eluded me.

One of those facts is to provide the historical impact of the Muslim Brotherhood not only on Egypt but on the entire Arab world. The other is to understand that like it or not, any discussion, debate, uprising, or war in the Arab world directly affects Israel. And, what affects Israel is taken into serious political consideration in the United States.

Beginning with Israel, the question often arises as to why we, in the United States, are prone to support Middle East dictators and absolute monarchs who, while not the paragons of human rights, have been willing to maintain peace accords with Israel. Even more pointed is why we, in the United States, have our fate and our moral compass so intrinsically entwined with that Spartan little democracy in the middle of the Arab world.


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Keys to a Great Marriage- Interview with Meg Hirshberg
By Marguerite Benton

The marriage success rate, or shall I say failure rate is 50 percent in this country. Many high-profile couples are giving up after 4 years or less, in fact several 20 something’s are questioning if marriage is still relevant. However, the eternal optistmist that I am, I went on a quest to find an example and testament of a great marriage that thrived through difficulties. I interviewed the gracious and open Meg Hirshberg wife of CEO of Stonyfield Farms the nation’s top selling organic yogurt, shared her “keys” to a Great Marriage.


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Journalist and Middle East Expert Barbara Victor analyzes the events in Egypt, and the Middle East and how they may effect the United States and all of us!

Barbara Victor talks Egypt on KGO February 3rd, 2011

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Originally posted to Barbaravictor.com on February 1st.

The Middle East is exploding. People want freedom. The young and old are tired of despotic rulers depriving them of human rights. They are fed up with corrupt institutions and stagnant political order.

The core problem within these countries in North Africa, the Gulf, and throughout the rest of the Arab world is the growing population of young men and women who are educated and ambitious, while unemployed, frustrated, resentful, and muzzled. The other problem, even more dire, is a misconception of freedom when the alternative to autocratic and repressive leaders are regimes controlled by extreme Islamic fundamentalists.


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The Woodhull Institute extends its deepest sympathies  to all of the victims and families of the tragic shooting this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. To those that lost their lives, to those that were wounded and to the families that must now deal with the aftermath of this horrible tragedy, our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you.

Representative Gabrielle Giffords lies in a hospital fighting for her life.  Christina Green born on the day of another unfathomable tragedy, September 11, 2001, only nine years old, her heart and mind stilled by a rifle shot.  Six people killed, 14 others wounded.

While the motives of the shooter, alleged to be Jared Lee Loughner, are still unclear – the nation is coming to terms with the understanding that the vitriolic political rhetoric that seems to have taken over the internet, print media and airwaves can not continue.

The Woodhull Institute supports every person’s right to voice their opinions, every person’s right to try to move their agenda’s forward, to try and convince others that their goals are the right goals.  But to do so as part of civil discourse, as part of an open and informed debate, not by initiating personal attacks, name calling, or using imagery and verbiage that invokes violence.


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by Lisa Hix, Woodhull Alumna

Originally posted to Yahoo! 2010 Year In Review Blog on December 17th.

In 2010, the Cold War returned.

Suddenly, spies were all around us, in film, on television, and — notably — in the news. In November, WikiLeaks created a political firestorm, releasing 250,000 classified documents that indicate U.S. diplomats performed low-level spying. Earlier that month, director Doug Liman’s “Fair Game,” a fictionalized take on the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, hit the theaters, prompting a heated political debate. In December, alleged sleeper agent Katia Zatuliveter, who worked as an aide for a member of the British parliament, faced deportation to Russia — the latest in a line of so-called “sexy Russian spies” to raise the pulse of reporters and readers in 2010.

The news stories contain a certain amount of schadenfreude. After all, what could be more humiliating for a spy than having her cover blown? But the flurry of TV and film counterparts, possessing both sexual and martial powers, has glamorized real-life failed spies — even when they’re spying for the other side. Here’s a look at the ladies who led us astray this year.


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Originally published in Financial Profundities on December 17th

Being a dog lover all my life and indifferent to cats almost an equal amount of time, I’m not the likeliest of cat owners. But two years ago Nook (isn’t he cute?) came into my life when he was a four-month old kitten. Today, he’s a big “boy” and I cannot imagine him not being a part of my life. He’s affectionate (like a dog); he’s rambunctious; and, he’s totally smart and entertaining. I absolutely love his personality. What I do not love is his jumping on the table, counter-top, armoire, etc.

Admittedly, I am not the best disciplinarian. And I get teased all the time about my tone of voice when yelling at him. Apparently, I shouldn’t be too surprised that he often dismisses my proclamations of, “Nook, get down.” But one day, I don’t remember when exactly, it clicked: Cats jump; that’s what they do. I finally acknowledged a fact I had not been embracing. Later, I would realize my “aha” moment went far beyond the tension between my cat’s natural tendencies and my preferences. It illuminated an interesting dilemma.


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