Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership
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Fellows Application

The Woodhull Institute’s Mission

The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian educational organization that since 1997 has provided ethical leadership training and professional development for women. Too often, success is measured in terms of accumulation of power and wealth, with limited consideration to other kinds of achievements. Ethical leadership is concerned with achievements that reflect positively on the wider community and on the improvement and transformation of civil society. As such, Woodhull has developed a community that encourages women to lead with honesty, respect, courage, and compassion; to strive for the common ground in decision-making; and to share in community service. For more organizational information, please see http://woodhull.tv/about/

Fellows Program

The Woodhull Institute Fellows Program 2010 identifies, recruits, and provides media training for women who are ethical leaders in the professional fields of economics, education, healthcare, and foreign policy.

Woodhull promotes these Fellows to mainstream media, placing them at the forefront of public debate so that they become recognized authorities who can shape public policy.

The Fellowship is a year-long program with rolling admissions in which Fellows receive media training, including one-on-one sessions with media professionals, online classes, on-going mentorship pairing, and weekend-long intensive training at our retreat center in Ancramdale, New York. The curriculum includes:

  • How to write and sell a nonfiction book proposal
  • How to write and publish a feature article
  • How to write and publish an op-ed
  • Talk radio debate
  • TV debate
  • New media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, social media)
  • Ethics and the media
  • Interview skills

Woodhull’s staff will introduce Fellows to media professionals (literary agents, editors, TV/ radio hosts, producers, and bloggers) and actively promote Fellows as spokespeople, helping to place them on TV news programs, talk radio programs, the op-ed pages of newspapers and influential sites of the Internet. The Fellows Program will help these women ethical leaders get their ideas out to much larger audiences, so that they become the “go-to experts,” whose opinions are shaping public policy.

This is a non-paid, highly selective Fellowship. Your application will be reviewed by Woodhull’s selection committee. Written notification of the committee’s decision will be forwarded to you in a timely fashion (no longer than two months.) We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Fellows Curriculum

Application Questions

(Please limit each answer to no more than 350 words. Please upload your responses below.)

  1. How do you define ethical leadership? How has your personal experience, culture, or background contributed to this definition?
  2. What is your current position? Please describe your duties and responsibilities.
  3. What are your immediate professional goals?
  4. What are your longer term professional goals and dreams?
  5. How could the Woodhull Fellows Program’s intensive media training and placement help you to reach your goals?
  6. What are the major messages you would like to communicate about your profession through the media that you think the public is not hearing right now?
  7. Do you have any media experience? Please summarize. (Please include with this application any publication and/or links to or CDs of talk radio, TV appearances, etc.)
  8. If you had a larger platform, how might your profession change?
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