Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership
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Financial Assistance

The Woodhull Institute is dedicated to providing our professional development and leadership trainings to all women, regardless of their economic background or current financial situation. We offer a variety of options to help participants with their tuition.

Woodhull Institute Scholarships

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To apply for a Woodhull Scholarship, please download our full application which includes a financial aid section toward the end. Please be as specific as possible when stating what you would need to make your participation a reality.  *Due to the amount of financial aid requests we receive, we are unable to provide full scholarships. However, Woodhull Scholarships can help cover up to 50% of tuition costs. Transportation and Room and Board costs are not included.


Woodhull Institute Scholarships are intended to help need-based applicants manage the cost of tuition for our Ethical Leadership Retreats, Writers’ Retreats, and College Retreats. Scholarships funds have been donated from our diverse and supportive community of donors, members, and alumnae. Any applicant may apply for a Woodhull Scholarship. A fully refundable $50 deposit is required to process a financial aid application. You may decide to retract your application at any time and your $50 deposit will be refunded.

Employer Match

The Woodhull Institute is willing to match tuition that has been subsidized by applicant’s employers. We encourage you to contact your organization to find out about your opportunities for professional development! Contact our offices for more information. Also, see our Group Discounts for other ways you and your organization can benefit.

Create a Scholarship

Interested in helping us provide our professional development and leadership training to all women? It is only through the generosity of supports like you that Woodhull can continue it’s programming and make it economically viable for everyone.

Contact our offices at 646-435-0837 for more information

Payment Plans

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The Woodhull Institute offers flexible payment plans to help facilitate the cost of tuition. To set up a payment plan, please download our full application which includes a financial aid section toward the end. Please be as specific as possible when stating which plan you are requesting.


Any participant may request a payment plan.  Participants may request a standard plan or an individual plan. Individual plans are created by participants and our staff to best help meet the needs of the participant. We do not charge fees or any interest in addition to tuition. Payment plans require a $50 or $55 deposit and a signed agreement form that outlines the details of the plan.

Standard Payment Plans Offered:

We offer standard payment plans in 2, 3, or 4 month intervals.

Example of a Payment Plan for a Young Women’s Ethical Leadership Retreat:

Rates of Standard Plans:

  • 2 month plan at $270/month with $55 deposit
  • 3 month plan at $180/month with $55 deposit
  • 4 month pan at $135/month with $55 deposit
Individual Payment Plans:

We understand that financial situations can be unpredictable. If you would like to request a payment plan outside of our standard options (longer installments or varied amounts), please fill out our full application and be specific about your request.  Our offices will work with you on finding the best solution.


The Woodhull Institute offers a variety of discounts and special rates to help alleviate the cost of tuition for our programs.


For 3 or more to a group, Woodhull is happy to offer a $50 discount for each member. Looking for ways to get a bigger discount? Referring a friend is a great way to spread the love and lower your costs!


Non-Profits and Educational Organizations are encouraged to apply to our programs. Please contact our office so that we may customize a rate for 2 or more employees.

Early Registration

60 day Early Registrations- 10% off of the cost of tuition

30 day Early Registrations- 5% off of the cost of tuition


Woodhull Alumnae, previous participants of our retreats, are eligible for a $25 discount on tuition costs.

Woodhull Members, annual membership participants, are eligible for $50 discount on tuition costs.

Woodhull Partners, organizations that work with us in various ways, please get in touch with us for you specific discount!

For any questions on Financial Assistance: Scholarships, Payment Plans, or Discounts, please contact our offices at 646-435-0837.