Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership
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Being comfortable with my accomplishments and acknowledging my worth has led me to a nice new contract and an openness about finances.” -T. Eisenstade – Brooklyn New York

I had found my voice and belief in myself again. The supportive environment from Woodhull has literally changed my life.” -M. Wheeler, MA

Thanks to Woodhull’s negotiation training, I was able to enter into a salary negotiation feeling knowledgeable and confident, and I ended up negotiating up 21%.” -W. Paler, NY

At Woodhull, I was given the confidence to reach for the moon! And I was given practical tools to help me get there: Money management, public speaking, negotiation skills, op-ed writing techniques. I was exposed to and taught by women who are living their dreams, making an impact on society through the expression of their truest voices; Women on a mission, working cooperatively with the common goal of empowering other women, ALL women, to aspire to lead in a compassionate, ethical manner at a time in the world in which our participation is desperately needed. I’m grateful to Dove for sponsoring such an insightful, empowering event.” – Michelle Riu

Finding one’s authentic voice comes with self-acceptance.  From Woodhull’s Advocacy & Authentic Voice module, I learnt how to incorporate the strengths from my past, with who I am.  Now, I communicate with more confidence and authentically, in all areas of my life, as I am at peace with myself.” – Alicia Thomas-Gelman

Woodhull has quite literally changed our lives – by inspiring us to pursue our Big Dream with all our might.  It started with learning about “the compassionate use of power” as the working definition of ethical leadership.  This gave us a solid framework for our ambitions.  Next, the voice module taught us the importance of remaining authentic and true to ourselves at all times.  Finally, in the public speaking module we learned how to present in a manner that ensures our message is really heard.  As a result of the increased marketing we’ve done since attending the Woodhull Young Women’s Retreat, we’ve seen a significant step up in both pre-orders for our upcoming book as well as visits to our website & MySpace page.  Thanks to Woodhull, we are firmly on our way to achieving our ultimate goal of inspiring millions of young women to learn how to live their lives from a position of financial strength!” – Manisha Thakor & Sharon Kedar

My training through Woodhull taught me that the best steps to social change are first deep within yourself.  Your authentic voice has great power and is the foundation of how to unite with exterior voices and visions.  Beginning with who we are directly relates to public speaking and working for social change.  Loving, admiring, and supporting yourself is the vital context to both sharing that with others and not needing such assurance beyond what you can give yourself.  By developing my authentic inner voice, I have attained the tools necessary to capture an audience in public speaking with gusto, sincerity, and ownership.  As a result, I have become a leader who speaks in the public realm with confidence, compassion, and power and am an advocate for female friendship and alliances.” – Ingrid H. Dahl

The Woodhull Democracy 911 retreat was an excellent learning tool in providing refinement to my goals of changing NYS policy on Stillbirth. Before attending I would often get stuck on the question of how a small town Mom of three could really make any impact. With the advice and practical skills that were taught to me on the Democracy 911 retreat, I felt like I could go out and make the changes that I wanted to make in society as well as in myself. I think that the Woodhull experience could really provide focus for many woman that are struggling with the overwhelming negativity of this world, to be confident and out spoken. The wonderful presenters provided detailed information on the specifics of life skills that traditional school just does not teach you. With in a month after attending the Woodhull institute for ethical leadership I was able to write and op-ed that was published in the Huffington post. I was confident enough to fight for legislation that mattered to me and I was able to identify how I was going to speak to people in power and adequately get my message across.” – Brianne Kraus

I am sincerely grateful to Woodhull for all it has done to build my confidence and believe in myself professionally. Woodhull is a rare gem and I feel so lucky to have benefitted from its support. All young women should have the opportunity for support and empowerment that Woodhull offers. Beyond its mission, Woodhull follows through. Executive Director Wende Jager Hyman gave me individual coaching while I was attempting to transition from a low level position into a challenging position that matched my experience level. The stakes were high because my fiance and I were also trying to live in the same place. When I first moved to DC, our plan was for him to join me. However, he got an international development job overseas and I ended up unfulfilled in my position and was having trouble moving up. It was also my goal to work overseas and when the opportunity opened up where my fiance was living, I was able to confidently sieze it. Now I am well paid, excitingly challenged in my work, with my fiance and happy living in Juba, Southern Sudan.” – Anna Williams